I am using pdftk to burst pdf in different pages. This utility ("pdftk <pdf filename> burst") produces single page pdf for every page of input pdf. Name of out pdf is like pg_{x}.pdf. where {x} is page number with leading zeros to make total length as 4 (if it is less than 4).


>> pdftk test.pdf burst
>> ls
pg_0001.pdf pg_0002.pdf pg_0003.pdf pg_0004.pdf
Since I have to work on these files; I need to add leading zeros to integer to make a string with defined quantity of digits. I found buildin function zfill to add zeros on the left to a string. The best part of using this is that it understands about plus and minus signs.

Usage: string.zfill(final string length)

>>> print str(1).zfill(5)
>>> print str(14).zfill(3)
>>> print str(-11).zfill(3)
>>> print str(-11).zfill(6)
>>> print '12'.zfill(5)
>>> print '-3.14'.zfill(7)
>>> print '3.14159265359'.zfill(5)

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