Earlier HR(recruitment) role in big tech companies was limited to search resume and schedule interviews with technical panels. But in last few years/months, market have been more competent; every company wants the best with minimum cost. So wasting 1-hour of an engineer for technical phone screening for a candidate, who only has a good resume, is not worth. Now be ready to face basic technical question from HR as well.

So when you have a call from HR regarding scheduling, be prepared to face basic technical questions related to your skills.

Facebook HR will first ask you to rate yourself in certain areas. And then they will ask few questions from the area in which you rated yourself strong.

Google does the same for basic fundamentals, which everyone should know if he call himself/herself an engineer.

DEShaw asks you plenty on technical question, if you apply online with them. They have a set of questions for every role listed on their career page. Questions are subjective in nature.

Adobe always takes a written test before scheduling a f2f/telephonic interview.

Many other companies are following the same suit. And those who are not (like Amazon, Microsoft) will certainly adapt this practice in future.

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