We saw the iterative pre-order and post-order traversal of a binary tree. Here is now, one can find the in-order traversal of a binary tree.

Here are simple steps to do that:
Go to the non-traversed left-most node every time until nothing is left.
Print this, its parent and in-order of it right counter part.

Algorithm for doing this will be as follows:

1.Crusor &lt= root
2.While true
a.If cursor is not null;
i.push in stack
ii.Cursor &lt= left child of cursor
c.If Cursor is NULL
i.Cursor &lt= top of stack
ii.Pop from stack and print
iii.Cursor &lt= Right child of cursor

inOrderTraversalIterative(BinaryTree *root)
    stack<BinaryTree*> s;

    cursor = root;                    //set cursor to root of binary tree
    done = false;

   while (!done)
     if(cursor != NULL)
        s.push(cursor);             //place pointer to node on the stack
                                    //before traversing the node's left subtree
        cursor = cursor->left();    //traverse the left subtree
     else                        //backtrack from the empty subtree and
                                 //visit the node at the top of the stack;
                                 //however, if the stack is empty, you are
        if (!s.empty())
            cursor = s.top();
            cout << cursor->data();
            cursor = cursor->right();
          done = true;

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