One of my female colleagues was interviewing a candidate for a software development position in my company. The experience she told us after the interview made us ROFL. Here is the excerpt from that interview:

Interviewer: Can you write a program to sort an integer array?
candidate: Sure…

candidate took some time for writing that program and running some test cases on paper.

candidate: (Showing the paper to my colleague) Here it is…

After having a look at the program and having a code walkthrough with some test cases.

Interviewer: Can you please tell me the complexity of this program?
candidate: Ma'am, this is not complex, this is very simple program.

Interviewer: (Surprised) I am talking about the complexity of the algorithm!
candidate: Maam, I can assure you that this algorithm is not complex and very simple to implement.

This was the story of that interview and when our colleague told this to us, we asked her how did you stop yourself from laughing in his face.

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