What can be a better treat to your interview preparations than some guides and samples from MIT itself. Last year MIT had a class for preparing for programming interview. Below is the text with topic:

Learn the tricks. Beat the system

Ever wanted to work at a company like Google, Apple, or Facebook? There's just one thing standing in your way: the interview. But there's no need to fear. We've mastered the interview questions and topics, and we want to show you how you can nail every programming question. Whether you're a beginning programmer or a seasoned expert, this class is for you.
There are few handouts as well available for download, which will help you in preparing for your interviews. First 3 talks about some general guidelines, tricks, simple questions, data structures and programing fundamentals like multi-threading etc. last 2 have some common question which are asked in technical interviews.

Below are direct links for the handouts:

» Handout 1
» Handout 2
» Handout 3
» Common Questions Part 1
» Common Questions Part 2

Read these and master the art of cracking programming interview.

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