1. What are nested classes in C++?
  2. What is the use of virtual private functions?
  3. What guidelines one should follow while designing something?
  4. What is memory layout of a process?
  5. Difference between Association and Aggregation.
  6. In multithreading, which memory areas are shared and which are not.
  7. How would you handle fatal error in constructor?
  8. How would you handle fatal error in destructor?
  9. What is object slicing?
  10. What do you understand by upcasting and downcasting?
  11. Explain dynamic_cast, static_cast etc.
  12. STL: difference between vector and list.
  13. Define polymorphism.
  14. How would you detect memory leak w/o any tools?
  15. Explain factory pattern and its usage.
  16. Difference between seamaphore and mutex.
  17. why multi-threading is advantageous?
  18. how to achieve polymorphism in C?
  19. What is deep copy, shollow copy?
  20. how will you ensure deep copy?
  21. What minimum methods you will implement if you are to design a string class?

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